Kate Middleton donated half her hair to charity

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are already known for their mental health activism, but that’s not where their goodwill ends.

Because a few months back, Kate donated seven inches of her hair to The Little Princess Trust – a charity that gives away free, real-hair wigs to children who’ve lost theirs to illness.

The Sunday Express reported that the Duchess gave away her hair during a trip to the hairdressers, and she passed it on anonymously.

"It’s a complete surprise," Helen Creese, a spokeswoman for the charity, told Metro.

"Obviously we’re all absolutely delighted that she donated her hair, and we’re very grateful as well, just as we’re grateful to everyone who chooses to support the charity in this way, and so many people do."

Kate Middleton lopped off six inches of her hair and gave it to charity. Source: Getty

We’re assuming that she might have sent the donation anonymously.

Usually when people donate their hair to the charity, they send it with their name and email address attached, so The Little Princess Trust can thank them properly.

However Ms Creese pointed out they do occasionally receive anonymous donations.

“It’s such a selfless act anyway to donate your hair to help a sick child or young adult,” she said.

She's well-known for her thick, luxuriant tresses – shown here in 2015 before her trim. Source: Getty

Kate isn’t the first high-profile donation the charity has received.

In 2016, One Direction’s Harry Styles chopped off his hair to be made into a wig.

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