Kate Middleton was told she’d marry William at age 13

Allison Yee

She lived a fairytale dream come true when she married a real-life prince, but Kate Middleton’s fate might already have been sealed long before she met Prince William at university – and here’s the video to prove it.

A clip showing Kate performing in a school play at Andrew's Preparatory School in Buckhold has emerged, and in it, the 13-year-old is told she’ll wed a rich man who will whisk her off to live in London.

The footage shows fresh-faced teen Kate having her palm read by a fortune teller, who tells her she has a ‘lucky hand’.

Kate's fortune was foretold in a high school play. Photo: Youtube/ABC News

“Soon you’re to meet a handsome man, a rich gentleman,” the teller predicts.

“It is all I’ve ever hoped for,” Kate cheekily says to the audience.

Cheeky Kate showed another side to her as she played up to the audience. Photo: Youtube/ABC News

The play then goes on with the future Duchess marrying a man named, you guessed it, William.

The clip also shows another side to the usually private princess as she plays up to the crowd onstage.

“Rich and handsome [sigh], he’ll fall in love with me [sigh],” Kate says to laughter from the audience.

Just a few years later, Kate's fortune came true when she met a rich gentleman named William. Photo: Getty

“He’ll marry me [sigh], London [sigh]. How my heart flutters.”

Little did Kate know that just years later in 2001, she would kickstart the prophecy by meeting Prince William at the University of St. Andrews, and 10 years later cement her fate by tying the knot and living with Wills at Kensington Palace in London.

Fairytale story complete. Photo: Getty
Kate and Wills didn't waste time welcoming Prince George and Princess Charlotte - with another just weeks away. Photo: Getty

Now the couple are just weeks away from welcoming their third baby.

Who would have guessed it from a school play prediction?

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