Why Kate's worried Prince George will be picked on at school

Sarah Carty

He may be heir to the British throne but Kate Middleton is reportedly worried that Prince George will be picked on at school for that very reason.

According to a report in New Idea, the 35-year-old Duchess of Cambridge is on edge over the four-year-old Prince starting school at St Thomas’s Battersea this week.

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Kate and her husband, Prince William, will be escorting George to the gates on his first day, however it’s been claimed they're worried about other kids being cruel about their son’s social status.

Kate Middleton is reportedly worried Prince George will be picked on because he's a royal. Photo: Getty Images
The four-year-old will attend St Thomas's Battersea this Thursday. Photo: Getty Images

“All eyes are going to be on him 24/7, and Kate’s worried that he’s going to find himself segregated from the other kids because he’s part of the royal family,” a palace source said.

“Also the fact that George is going to be one of the youngest in the class has been weighing on Kate’s mind.”

The Duchess is also said to be finding it difficult to believe that her first-born is already heading off to school with the source claiming she’s “pretty emotional” and “anxious” about the whole thing.

In an effort to keep Prince George’s life as normal as possible, it’s also been claimed Kate has said either her or Prince William will do the school run every day.

“It's very important to both of them that George enjoys as normal a childhood as possible, particularly as he settles into a new school, and for them this includes dropping him off at the school gates,” a source close to the royals told the Daily Mail.

Other sources claim Kate is adamant that she wants her children to grow up and have the same school life that she did when she was young.

Kate is reportedly anxious Prince George will be picked on because of his social status. Photo: Getty Images
She plans to pick Prince George up from the school gates every day. Photo: Getty Images
The adorable four-year-old will be heading off for his first day of school next Thursday. Photo: Getty Images

Prince George will enroll at Thomas’s Battersea School on Thursday, shunning Wetherbys in Kensington, which Prince William and Prince Harry famously attended.

The Duke and Duchess have instead decided to send George to a middle-class school just across the river from Kensington Palace, in an area known as ‘Nappy Valley’ due to the amount of young affluent families in the area.

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