Keira's biggest diva moments on The Bachelor

Amy Stevenson

She's this season's villain and definitely isn't making any friends in the Bachelor mansion.

And Keira isn't afraid to show how she really feels, with viewers treated to a series of exaggerated and OTT facial expressions from the 29-year-old.

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Keira's face doesn't hold back. Source: Network Ten

Now Be has rounded up Keira's biggest diva moments from Thursday night's episode.

Keira throws a tanty because she doesn't get a solo date

The Lara Bingle wannabe was 100% POSITIVE she was going to get the first solo date with Richie declaring she felt the strong connection and sparks fly after their first meeting. Unfortunately for Keira, she was way off, with the first date going to Nikki and she was annoyed and not afraid to show it!

Keira looks less than happy at not getting the solo date. Source: Network Ten
The 29-year-old wasn't happy with Nikki. Source: Network Ten

Keira throws a tanty because Sasha proves to be more competition than she first through during her photo shoot group date

When Keira was told she'd be joining the girls on a group date with Richie, she wasn't exactly thrilled (a common theme we're sensing), but she was determined to make the most of her time with Richie. Sadly for her she was paired with Sasha, who wasn't about to let Keira have all of his attention.

Sick of Sasha? Source: Network Ten
Sasha was too much for Keira. Source: Network Ten

Keira throws a tanty that Alex used her white rose for solo Richie time at the cocktail party

Alex decided to play her white rose at the cocktail party for some solo Richie time and this is where we saw ultimate annoyed Keira! She wasn't happy and decided to comfort Alex about her decision before the rose ceremony. Credit to Alex though, who didn't care in the slightest what Keira had to say.

She wasn't happy at Alex. Source: Network Ten
Expressing herself to the other girls. Source: Network Ten

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