Kylie Jenner changes baby name

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Kylie Jenner has gone back to the Instagram post where she unveiled her daughter's name and made a small but significant change.

After much speculation about her baby's surname, the 20-year-old new mum clarified that her daughter Stormi will be taking her dad Travis Scott's surname - but that doesn't mean she'll be known as 'Stormi Scott'.

'Travis Scott' is the rapper's stage name, and his real moniker is actually 'Jacques Webster', so Kylie has changed the post to now read; 'Stormi Webster'.

Kylie revealed her daughter Stormi would be taking her boyfriend Travis Scott's last name. Source: E!
Kylie changed her name announcement post which originally just said 'stormi'. Photo: Instagram/Kylie Jenner

The addition comes after many of her fans had been assuming that the baby would be a 'Jenner', but it appears the couple will follow the tradition when children take after their fathers.

Kylie and Travis' decision hasn't been without it's fair share of surprise from fans, who were quick to take to Twitter with their reactions to the news.

One person noted that 'Stormi Webster' sounds very similar to 'Stormy Weather'. Is that she reason she decided to go with Webster?

Kylie gave birth to her baby girl on Feb 1. Source: YouTube / Kylie Jenner

Kylie announced her baby girl's name on Tuesday night after much speculation she would be naming her 'Butterfly'.

The star posted a sweet photo of Stormi's tiny hand holding her finger revealing her name in the caption.

That post has since become the most liked photo ever on Instagram with over 14.4 million likes.

Kylie shows off her bump. Source: YouTube / Kylie Jenner

The title was previously held by footballer Cristiano Ronaldo announcing the birth of fourth child currently at 11.4 million likes and is closely followed by Beyoncé's twins pregnancy announcement photo with 11.2 million likes.

On Sunday night, Kylie confirmed she was in fact pregnant - by announcing she's now officially a become mum.

Kylie Jenner has kept quiet for months about her rumoured pregnancy, but has just confirmed she's given birth to a baby girl. Source: Instagram/KylieJenner
The star chose to keep things quiet. Source: YouTube / Kylie Jenner

Reflecting on her pregnancy journey, she said it had been the 'most beautiful, empowering and life-changing experience' of her life, and she thanked her family and friends for their support.

"I appreciate my friends and especially my family for helping me make this special moment as private as we could," the post said.

"My beautiful and healthy baby girl arrived February 1st and I just couldn't wait to share this blessing. I've never felt love and happiness like this I could burst! Thank you for understanding."

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