'Tweezist' ingrown hair trend is the new Dr Pimple Popper

Pimple pop lovers steady yourselves, there’s a new trend for grossly satisfying videos – and it’s all about removing ingrown hairs.

'Tweezist' ingrown hair removal is the new Dr Pimple Popper

'Tweezist' ingrown hair removal is the new Dr Pimple Popper

For those who’ve been bothered by a pesky ingrown, you’ll know there’s a certain feeling of achievement when you finally get it free.

Well, multiply that by 156 posts, thanks to Japanese Instagram account Tweezist, which is devoted to videos and images of tweezers attacking unsuspecting ingrown hairs.

Remove ingrown hairs

If you love the satisfaction of removing an ingrown hair, this is the Instagram account for you. Photo: Instagram

Currently with nearly 23,000 followers and growing, Tweezist has been labelled the new “Dr Pimple Popper”.

“Omg this page was made for me!!!” wrote one fan. “I love it please keep posting more!!”

In fact, rather than being horrified and disturbed by the clips, most of the outrage from users is the fact the Tweezist watermark covers up the best bits.

“Ugh your watermark blocks the good part!” wrote one commenter.

How to remove ingrown hair

Beware: these videos take close up to a new level. Photo: Instagram

“Get that damn watermark OUT. OF. THE. WAY. it is irritating AF!!! Can't see the good part,” added another.

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