This may be MAFS' steamiest kiss we've ever seen

Emma Shepherd

Kiss, marry, snog? Why not do all of them at the same time.

They met for the very first time on last night's episode of Married At First Sight.

And chemistry was definitely prevalent when Patrick and Charlene first laid eyes on one another, ending in a very passionate french-kiss during their wedding while standing at the altar.

Patrick and Charlene couldn't keep their hands off each other. Source: Nine
The pair couldn't get enough off each other clearly sharing a serious chemistry with one another while kissing during their official wedding photoshoot. Source: Nine

But the steamy hook-up didn't end there, with the newlyweds making out another two times during the course of the evening, leaving Patrick with red-lipstick smeared all over his face.

Charlene left Patrick with red-lipstick smeared all over his face. Source: Nine

After they both said their vows and said I do, they made their way to their official wedding photoshoot where the sexual tension hit an all time high, even leaving viewers hot around the collar.

With some Twitter users sharing their views on the steamy snog.

The saucy scene started off with the pair holding each other close while gazing into each others eyes.

"Definitely say their was a definite initial spark," Charlene told the viewers.

"Now you have red-lipstick all over your face," she giggled.

They were seen kissing away for another few minutes while the photographer captured the steamy moment.

Patrick and Charlene were full of giggles after sharing some steamy moments together. Source: Nine

Later Patrick shared how he felt about the photoshoot and obviously the passionate sparks flying moment with Charlene.

"I didn't expect the full on snog /pash to happen, but it felt really good," he told the viewers.

These two are definitely fan-favourite already.

To see more of what these two get up to next tune in to Married At First Sight tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.

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