Sophie Monk and Hamish Blake celebrate YES vote

Amy Stevenson

After months of campaigning, celebs have taken to twitter to celebrate the yes result of the marriage equality survey.

Taking the charge has been actress and "Yes" campaigner Magda Szubanski, who has been vocal about her support for marriage equality in Australia.

The 56-year-old star spoke in Sydney on Wednesday morning as the result was announced, as did former Olympian Ian Thorpe.

Magda has been a

"Thank you, Australia #yes" the swimmer also wrote on his Twitter account, and his online reaction was only one of many made by celebrities on social media.

"Never has John Paul Young singing "Love Is In The Air" been more meaningful. #YES #SSM (sic)," television presenter Lisa Wilkinson wrote.

Meanwhile international stars also rejoiced, with Ellen DeGeneres tweeting: "It’s a g’day. Way to go Australia. #MarriageEquality".

On Wednesday Head of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, David Kalisch, announced that 61.6 per cent of those who participated in the postal vote wanted to see the law change.

The Senate will be asked later today to support a move to introduce draft laws allowing same-sex marriage on Thursday.

The proposed bill will be debated in both houses of parliament but Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull remains confident the law can be passed before Christmas.

Last month Kath and Kim star Magda summed up the argument for marriage equality during a heated discussion on Q&A.

Australia's most recent Bachelorette Sophie Monk shared this post. Source: Instagram
Former Miss Universe Australia Jesinta Franklin shared a special quote. Source: Instagram
Radio star Hamish Blake has also shown his support. Source: Instagram
Singer Anthony Callea shared a lengthy message. Source: Instagram

When No campaign spokesperson Karina Okotel suggested civil ceremonies should be for gay couples while marriage stays between a man and a woman, the 56-year-old refuted the idea saying it sends a "clear message of equal but different".

"You’re sending a very clear message of equal but different," the Kath and Kim star told the panel before comparing it to an AFL player winning an award for "the civil acknowledgment of your very excellent effort" instead of the the Brownlow Medal.

Magda Szubanski's powerful marriage equality message
‘What god thinks that's right?’ Magda breaks down on The Project

Magda also slammed the claims that having same-sex marriage in Australia would "alter" society and how they see traditional marriage adding that there is a "really small percentage of the population" who are gay.

"You can’t breed us out of existence because we do originate mostly from straight people. But there does seem to be a constant number of roughly 10% of same-sex attracted people," she added.

"It’s not like there’s an army of us who are going to take over. We just want to have the same rights and protections."

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