Margot Robbie 'reassessing' past sexual assault experiences

Olivia Morris

Following plenty of discussion in the film industry regarding sexual assault, Australian actress Margot Robbie has opened up about one of her own personal experiences.

The 27-year-old I, Tonya star admits that while she once viewed what happened to her as being the acts of a 'sleazy' man, she's been 'reassessing' the nature of her experience as she the #MeToo campaign in Hollywood gains momentum.

"When all of these assault allegations started coming forward, I remember hearing of them and thinking, 'I didn't know that was classified as assault or sexual harassment'," she tells Stylist magazine.

Margot Robbie has opened up about the subject of sexual assault. She is pictured here at the 2018 BAFTA Awards. Source: Getty

"I just chalked it up to a sleazy guy being sleazy."

The 27-year-old actress, who made her acting debut at the age of 17, also explains how much of a problem that way of thinking in society is.

"That goes to show that when a problem can be so prevalent in society, we just accept it as a way of life," Margot says.

Such a way of thinking has forced Margot to 'reassess' her past experiences in the industry.

Margot started her career in acting when she was 17 on Neighbours. She is here with former co-star Caitlin Stasey (Rachel Kinski) and Eloise Mignon (Bridget Parker). Source: Eleven

"I've definitely gone back through my memories and now I'm reassessing things with the view of, 'OK, that's not acceptable behaviour, and why did I accept it at the time?'" the former Neighbours star explains.

Many in Hollywood including Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, Cara Delevingne and many more have shared their stories of sexual harassment, assault and misconduct following the shocking allegations which emerged last year.

Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein and more have been identified as alleged sexual predators and movements such as Time's Up and Me Too have launched to help protect women from sexual harassment in the workplace.

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