Matty J slams claims his proposal was ‘rejected’

Olivia Morris

After claims emerged that Matty J pops the question on the finale of this year’s Bachelor only to be turned down by his chosen lady, the marketing manager has hit back saying he never intended to propose.

He was asked on Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam and Browny Show about the proposal rejection reports.

Matty has slammed claims he popped the question to his lady of choice. Source: Channel Ten

“I heard that rumour, that one went round. There was no proposal. There was no hidden proposal. It was something that I didn’t think it was the right time to pop the question in that situation,” Matty admitted on the radio show.

However, the 30-year-old did say that Bachie producers asked him if was interested in popping the question.

Elise Stacy, Tara Pavlovic and Laura Byrne are all vying to win Matty J's heart. Source: Channel 10

“They asked me would I like to go down that route,” Matty explained. “I thought about it but I just decided that whilst I was certain about my decision about who I wanted to be with I wasn’t ready to rush into things that quickly.”

This Thursday the winner of this season of The Bachelor will finally be revealed as either Laura Byrne, Elise Stacy or Tara Pavlovic.

This year’s top favourite Laura recently confessed that Matty definitely has her heart.

Matty slammed claims was

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“Absolutely,” Laura told when asked whether she was in love with him.

“It was definitely during the hometown visits, having him there with my family, that made it real. My family were so approving and excited and accepts, and just instantly like ‘this guy’s great!’” she told the outlet.

Laura is the hot favourite to win this year's Bachelor. Source: Instagram / Channel 10

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