Meet the girls vying for Richie's heart on The Bachelor

Jennifer Fletcher

The ladies for this year's Bachelor have finally been revealed.

And it seems the women vying for Richie’s heart are quite a mixed bag! There’s a children’s entertainer, a swimwear designer, a yoga instructor and even a former athlete.

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The Bachelorettes. Source: Channel 10

“I’m just going to be myself and hopefully what I have is enough for him — I don’t plan on changing,” 24-year-old Mia, a student and former high jumper, told the Daily Telegraph.

Richie. Source: Channel 10

Michael Turnbull, 35, who was a runner-up with Richie on The Bachelorette - and is clearly still trying to stay relevant - says he knows which type of girl will win his heart.

Michael Turnbull. Source: Channel 10

“I know Richie. I know the type of girls he typically likes,” he told Daily Mail. “I know he likes blondes and I know he likes tall, fit girls.”

So who will he pick?

Channel 10 are yet to reveal a start date for the reality TV show.

Meet this year's Bachelorettes

Aimee, 31, Business Development Manager, Victoria
Alex, 24, Venue Manager, Victoria
Eliza, 31, Event Coordinator, NSW
Faith, 26, Hairdresser, Queensland
Georgia, 24, Artist, Victoria
Janey, 27, Children’s Entertainer, Queensland
Keira, 29, Account Manager, NSW
Kiki, 28, Personal Assistant, NSW
Laura, 24, Project Manager, Victoria
Marja, 34, Yoga Instructor, NSW
Mia, 24, Student / Former Athlete, NSW
Megan, 27, Health Promotions Officer, Western Australia
Natalie, 27, Communications Officer, Western Australia
Nikki, 28, Real Estate Agent, Western Australia
Noni, 25, Swimwear Designer, Queensland
Olena, 23, Makeup Artist, NSW
Rachael, 31, Support Worker, Western Australia
Sasha, 31, Executive Assistant, Victoria
Sophie, 28, Customer Support Manager, South Australia
Tiffany, 29, Training Administrator, Western Australia
Tolyna, 31, Personal Trainer, Victoria
Vintaea, 25, Massage Therapist, Queensland

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