Meghan Markle’s net worth to ‘skyrocket’ after royal wedding

Allison Yee

She’s already banked a fortune thanks to her hit TV show Suits, but Meghan Markle’s already substantial net worth could be set to get a serious boost once she says ‘I do’ to Prince Harry in May.

The 36-year-old's net worth currently sits at $6.4 million, according to website Celebrity Net Worth, and becoming real life royalty is set to increase that even further.

For Meghan, who made her money thanks to her whopping Suits fee of $65,000 per episode, as well as her $580,000 salary, along with other assorted sponsorship and film roles, she’s no slouch in the savings department.

Years as an actress has seen Meghan bank a sizeable fortune. Photo: Getty

But it’s fiancé Prince Harry’s estimated net worth of over $50 million that could take her to the next level of ridiculous riches.

Following his mum Princess Diana’s death, the royal inherited $17 million, along with some extra money when the Queen Mother passed away in 2002.

Harry, 33, also took home a salary during his 10-year stint at the British army.

However her marriage to Prince Harry could see Meghan's net worth skyrocket. Photo: Getty

Harry also receives a yearly allowance, as well as having his expenses paid for by Prince Charles’ private estate, the Duchy of Cornwall – which shelled out almost $12 million between 2016 and 2017 for Prince Harry, William and Kate Middleton's expenses.

While there’s no official word about what Meghan herself will inherit, the actress has well and truly thrown herself into royal duties and public appearances.

Meghan's a complete natural in front of crowds, wowing the public at a series of events since the couple announced their engagement in November. Photo: Getty

The only thing Meghan does need to be wary of is her American citizenship, say experts.

While there’s talk of her becoming a British citizen following her May 19 wedding, the process takes three years – and until that happens, she may need to pay income tax on anything she receives from the royals.

While she's since quit 'Suits', Meghan has the hit show to catapulting her to stardom - and boosting her bank balance. Photo: Getty

“This is even on money earned outside the United States,” royal expert Marlene Koenig told the Sun.

“If she receives money from her husband or his family, and that's considered income, she would have to pay income tax on that.”

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