Mesmerising footage of floating golden jellyfish

Liz Tse

Anyone who has seen Finding Nemo knows the rule: don't touch the jellyfish.

But one photographer braved the deep waters of Jellyfish Lake in Palau to capture incredible footage of what lurks beneath the surface. Hint: jellyfish (and lots of them).

Kien Lam from San Francisco, California dove into the jellyfish infested waters to film himself swimming through hundreds of the aquatic animals.

Would you dare to swim through jellyfish infested waters like this brave American? Source: Supplied.

That's some David Attenborough camera work, right there.

At one point Kien cradles a jellyfish in his bare hand.

Unlike in 'Finding Nemo', these jellyfish weren't harmful to touch. Source: Pixar.

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Thankfully, the peaceful-looking creatures do not sting and the courageous man lived to tell the very cool tale.


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