Michelle Bridges shares VERY revealing photo

Amy Stevenson

Michelle Bridges works hard to stay fit and healthy.

So it's no wonder the mother-of-one is keen to show off her results, sharing a very revealing post to Instagram.

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Michelle shared a revealing picture of herself to social media. Source: Instagram

Wearing nothing but her trainers, Michelle strategically places her arms and legs over herself to keep her modesty.

Talk about one hot mama!

"I feel like I'm missing something here.....? #mbactive,' she captioned the photo.

The personal trainer has a range of activewear. Source: Instagram

The personal trainer has a range of activewear, MB Active, which is available at Big W.

Last week Michelle said that work-life balance is a myth and told The Morning Show about the fact that maybe we can’t “have it all."

Michelle spoke about how she manages to balance her hectic schedule as a working mum and admitted that she thinks a work-life balance is not possible.

Michelle and partner Steve 'Commando' Willis. Source: Getty

“I think when we’re trying to juggle all of these different things – and, oh we can have work-life balance – I do think it’s a myth,” she said.

Michelle and partner Steve 'Commando' Willis welcomed their son Axel in December 2015.

The couple welcomed son Axel in 2015. Source: Instagram

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