Mum claims day care secretly waxed her daughter’s eyebrows

Kristine Tarbert

A mum has taken to Facebook in a furious rant after she claims that day care workers secretly waxed her two-year-olds eyebrow.

The mum and student Alyssa Salgado sends her daughter to a day care on her university's campus in Washington, but is now demanding answers after noticing her daughter’s uni-brow had disappeared.

“I go pick up my daughter yesterday and saw a red mark in between her eye brows,” the mum rages in a post online.

“I think it's a scratch but as soon as I get home I get a closer look; these women decided to wax my daughter’s uni-brow.”

Alyssa shared this imaged taken before the incident. Photo: Facebook
Alyssa shared her fury on Facebook and the post quickly went viral. Photo: Facebook

The mum immediately contacted the director of Columbia Basin College's day care, but says she was not taken seriously.

"She [laughed] in my face, telling me a bunch of lies," the mum wrote.

Her post quickly went viral, with another mum also claiming the same thing happened to her son.

Alyssa says the day care waxed her daughter's eyebrows. Photo: Facebook

The day care eventually released a statement saying it was “aware of the complaint against the day care staff and is conducting its own investigation of the incidents”.

However, Alyssa is determined to keep sharing the story until someone faces consequences, she said.

The mum wants someone to face consequences. Photo: Facebook

“I birthed my daughter and love every little thing about her and these so-called women took it upon themselves to correct the way my daughter should look,” she wrote.

“I will not let this get unnoticed. I would like this to get out, imagine if this was your son or daughter.”

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