Mum claims teacher pierced seven-year-old daughter's ears at school

Krista Thurrott

A Pennsylvania mum is slamming school officials after claiming a teacher pierced her seven-year-old daughter’s ears at school.

Amanda Jones was shocked to see her daughter come home from school one day with freshly pierced ears.

Jones said her daughter went to school the same as always, only to return home a few hours later with pierced ears and earrings that were not her own.

A mum has claimed a teacher pierced her seven-year-old daughter's ear at school. Photo: Facebook

Jones’s daughter, Karli, said her teacher allegedly had pierced her ears after seeing the grown over holes from a previous piercing in 2013.

“My daughter went to school without pierced ears and came home with them pierced. The one side is bruised,” Jones wrote on Facebook.

“My daughter said ouch but didn’t say stop. So apparently that makes it alright.”

Jones spoke with the teacher who reportedly repierced her daughter’s ears but was met with an unapologetic explanation.

When she shared her post to Facebook, people were quick to agree with the Pennsylvannia mom.

With more than 350 shares and 200 likes, there was a resounding reaction from the online community that the incident was not okay.

“What the hell! How could that happen? You are not even allowed to give a child an aspirin without permission!” commented one follower.

People online couldn't believe the allegations. Photo: Facebook

“This is so inappropriate! Why are you putting earrings in a student’s ear? Where are the boundaries? Because they where most definitely crossed,” commented another.

Jones has also reported the incident to the school’s police and has taken her daughter to the doctor to ensure there is no infection.

The school denied Yahoo Canada‘s request to comment on Jones’s allegations.

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