MKR's Georgie and Alicia shock judges

Emma Shepherd

Every season of My Kitchen Rules have had teams who just shouldn't be anywhere near a kitchen.

This season's contestants Georgie and Alicia have been forces to be reckoned with when it comes to their cooking abilities...until now.

"You really dropped the ball on this one," Colin Fassnidge said after they were critiqued on their asian street food challenge in Sydney's Spice Alley during Monday night's episode.

Georgie and Alicia's chicken was extremely salty according to the jdges and the members of the public. Source: Seven
Judges Colin and Pete didn't look too impressed with the girls after serving up a flop of a dish. Source: Seven

"Your chicken was so salty," Pete admitted, adding, 'way too salty, there was no story behind your dish.'

"Out of all the challenges," Pete continued. "I thought they'd excel this one."

"Usually the teams that don't understand Asian flavours," Pete said. "Usually end up putting a little bit of this a little bit of that from all the cultures into one dish and I'm really surprised they Georgie and Alicia have done that."

Pete looked like he was left with a bad taste in his mouth after trying Georgie and Alicia's chicken. Source: Seven
Colin clenched his face after trying the salty dish. Source: Seven

Group two were told they had to bring the heat to Spice Alley, cooking up a tasty bite-sized asian street treat that the public would then score and pay for, according to the quality.

Whichever team made the least amount of money would then be facing sudden-death at elimination house cooking against Alex and Emily.

Unfortunately during the course of the challenge people were quick to critique Georgie and Alicia's fried chicken dish, leaving a bad taste in their mouths.

"It's too salty for me I can't eat it," one patron said.

"It's really, really salty we need water," Jess from group one revealed, with Kim adding, 'The dish is just not balanced at all.'

Meanwhile, completely unaware of the bad critiques, Georgie and Alicia seemed in high spirits after receiving some positive feedback fro some of the public.

The judges gave their critiques at the end of the food stall competition. Source: Seven
Georgie and Alicia were lucky enough to get through leaving Dan and Gemma to face elimination house. Source: Seven

"Trying to push out these plates and people are giving us really nice compliments," Alicia said. "They're saying how amazing it smells."

"If we lose and go to elimination house on an Asian challenge we will never be able to face our parents again," Alicia told the viewers.

But with a glimmer of hope the girls were not the worst dish of the day and safe for another round.

Leaving cricket fanatics Dan and Gemma to the face sudden death cook-off against Alex and Emily, after completley dropping the ball on their dumplings dish.

To watch the sudden death cook-off between Dan and Gemma and Emily and Alex, watch Tueday night's episode of My Kitchen Rules at 7:30pm on Channel Seven.

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