New mum under fire for tickling video

Bianca Soldani

It looks like a perfectly sweet and innocent moment between a father and daughter, but this video of a baby being tickled has sparked a whole heap of outrage.

New mum and blogger Audrey Roloff shared the footage of her husband and baby in fits of laughter on Facebook, where the comments were less than favourable.

Some observers complained that the four-month-old baby had no control to stop the tickling, while others made wild suggestions about supposed harms.

This video sparked more outrage than expected. Photo: Facebook/Audrey Roloff

“NOT a good idea to tickle a child,” a follower wrote, “It renders them absolutely HELPLESS with a natural uncontrollable response of laughter.”

A second person recounted how they hated being tickled as a child and found it so relentless “I could not catch my breath enough to say stop.”

Meanwhile another raised eyebrows by saying, “Don't tickle babies it will make them stutter. It hurts their nervous system”, something paediatrician Dr. Laura Jana has dismissed as a myth.

The new parents wouldn't have expected such a response to their video.

However, plenty of other commenters hit back in defence of the parents, noting that social media has amplified parent shaming to preposterous levels.

“My kids all survived by being tickled,” one person said, “leave them alone.”

“If you don't like what they do delete them from your post. I am so sick of most people, you all must think you are or were perfect parents.”

Another said, “I was tickled...maybe that’s why I was HAPPY KID and better yet HAPPY ADULT”.

Other commenters jumped to the parents' defence. Photo: Facebook

Tiffany Field from the University of Miami School of Medicine, told Parenting that babies older than two months often respond to tickling with laughter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re enjoying it.

"It's like a roller coaster: Rousing stimulation can be okay for a minute or two,” she said, “but if your child has had enough -- she's squirming and struggling to get away  -- it's time to stop.”

Former rugby player Matthew Ridge and his wife Chloe Liggins found themselves in a similar situation this week when they shared a photo of their newborn while two dogs were in the background of the frame.

Commenters pointed out that the dogs appeared to be pit bulls and raised how dangerous they think dogs can be around babies.

Matthew Ridge and Chloe Liggins shared this photo of their baby. Photo: Facebook

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