Young family kicked off flight after dandruff scare

Bianca Soldani

A family’s trip to Disneyland has ended in tears after they were kicked off their flight on their way to the famous amusement park.

The Newman family were set to board a Southwest Airlines plane, when they were informed that wouldn’t be possible because one of their daughters had ‘lice’.

Apparently other passengers had seen Mrs Newman pull something out of her daughter’s hair while they were waiting at the gate, but according to the family, it was nothing more sinister than dandruff.

The family weren't able to get on another plane that day. Photo: Getty

“There was some dry skin in my daughter’s hair,” Mr Newman told NBC Chicago, “So, she was just kind of taking it out of my daughter’s hair.”

“We don’t even have lice. That’s the crazy thing. Our daughter doesn’t have lice.”

Unfortunately for the parents and their six and four-year-old daughters, they weren’t able to get on another flight that day.

And to make matters worse, their little girl at the centre of the drama has been left devastated and blames herself for not making it to Disneyland.

In a statement, the airline said they acted after receiving multiple complaints from concerned passengers that members of the family were “exhibiting behaviour consistent with a highly contagious medical condition”.

“Our employees are responsible for the well-being of hundreds of thousands of customers daily and are well-known for the care and hospitality they provide,” they said.

“Our goal is for every customer to have a positive experience while traveling Southwest and we do our best to deliver on that commitment while keeping the health and safety of our customers and fellow employees as our top priority.”

They understand that the family were finally able to fly to Disneyland two days after the incident.

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