News anchor forced to cover eclipse and he couldn’t care less

Allison Yee

It had millions staring to the skies as it swept the United States, but there was one man who was distinctly unimpressed by the solar eclipse – news reader Shepard Smith.

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Clearly not a fan of the rolling coverage he was forced to do, viral footage of the Fox anchor’s hilarious commentary has gone viral.

“It’s amazing, oh my god, the moon has gotten in front of the sun,” he says sarcastically. “I don’t know, it’s interesting looking, the sun looks a little like the moon.”

Viewers were treated to Shepard's hilariously sarcastic coverage. Photo: Twitter

“They know this is all it’s going to be, right? Just a moon over the sun,” he adds later.

Kept captive in the news studio as he covered the eclipse for hours on end, the bored anchor can be seen reenacting the eclipse with his phone, and running around the studio.

Stuck for hours on air, the anchor clearly couldn't care less about the eclipse. Photo: Twitter

“Oh my god, the sun is returning – jalapenya!” he said after the event.

Needless to say, Twitter had a field day with Shepard’s hilarious broadcast.

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