Aussie nude blogger hits back at skinny shamers

Kristine Tarbert

A nude blogger has hit out at body shamers saying that you don’t have to be ‘fat’ to fall victim to online trolls.

Jessa O'Brien, also known as The Nude Blogger, has written a poignant blog post about falling victim to body shamers, who slammed her for being too skinny online.

“You do not have to be fat to be a victim of body shaming,” Jessa wrote in a recent blog post.

Jessa O'Brien is the new blogger. Photo: Instagram

She says the fact that it’s not just ‘bigger’ people that experience this and it often flies under the radar.

As a result of some of the shaming, she even admits she’s developed a bit of a ‘skinny girl complex’.

“I know, some of you are probably thinking, ‘cry me a river’... and it's because I'm skinny and look a certain way, right,' she wrote.

She says even skinny people experience body shaming. Photo: Instagram

“Perhaps you're thinking that this is all so easy for me to talk about because, as a skinny girl, I should feel confident?

“Or that, maybe, because I'm not fat and don't struggle with the concept of being healthy that my input bears a little less weight on the matter of body positivity?”

She regularly posts nude photos to her 40,000 followers on Instagram. Photo: Instagram

The 28-year-old said perhaps she would get more credit if she were overweight and embracing her curves.

“But because I'm skinny, conscious about my health and post naked photos regularly, somehow I am less deserving of your time or kindness,” she says.

She says body shaming is not ok for anyone. Photo: Instagram

“For me, body-shaming is, at its simplest, making someone feel ashamed about their body in some regard. So, whether you’re skinny, fat, confident or not, body-shaming is not bias,” she wrote.

It comes after Jessa caused controversy earlier this year when her nude blogger Instagram page with over 40,000 followers was 'deactivated' by the social media photo-sharing site.

Her page was later reinstated, which Jessa described as a 'HUGE win for body positivity'.

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