‘Naturist’ head teacher forced to retire

Bianca Soldani

Life as a naturist – that is, someone who spends their free time nude, as nature intended - has had catastrophic consequences for British woman Christine Wright. (And we don’t mean in the awkward, emergency room sense.)

The 60-year-old’s used to be a head teacher, but her lifestyle choice recently cost her her career after a meddling “busybody” dobbed her into her school.

Appearing on UK doco The Great British Skinny Dip this week, Christine explained that she had always kept her naturist ways extremely private “because most teachers do”.

“You can come under suspicion if they knew that I took my clothes off,” she said, “There are some that think if you’re a naturist you must be a paedophile.”

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“I never spoke about it at work but some busybody outed me. They rang up my employers and told them I was a naturist, to hurt me.”

The saga ended in somewhat of a standoff, with Christine refusing to “change who I am” and instead taking an early retirement.

Christine is loving being a naturist full-time now. Photo: Channel 4

She hasn’t looked back for a second however, and is loving life as a full-time naturist so much that she’s now helping spread the word and encourage people to take part in a series of public skinny dips due to take place across the country.

Christine hopes the naturist lifestyle will soon become mainstream and acceptable, and in a controversial remark, compared the stigma she faces to that experienced by LGBT people.

“Sometimes I think we’re in the same position the gay community were in 20 years ago,” she said.

“In that although there was nothing unlawful about it, there are some people that think it’s not very nice, and those people that although they’re in a minority they seem to shout louder than the tolerant people that are around.”

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