Oprah nails impression of Reese Witherspoon

Rebekah Scanlan

Ever since Reese Witherspoon made that touching introduction to Oprah Winfrey during her 2018 Golden Globes honour, they've had one of Hollywood's most loved friendships.

The pair have been working together on their movie A Wrinkle In Time and now it seems they're closer than ever.

So close in fact that talk show queen Oprah can impersonate the Legally Blonde star down to a tee.

Oprah Winfrey has done an impression of her gal pal Reese Witherspoon and it's amazing. Source: CBS

In an interview with James Corden, Mindy Kaling — who also stars A Wrinkle In Time — was recalling a hike that Reese had organised for the three of them.

As Reese, 41, started to tell the story Oprah couldn't resist butting in.

The pair are incredibly close. Source: Getty

"No let me do it," she said, touching her bestie on the arm.

The 64-year-old then launched into the most epic impression of Reese that included mimicking her hand movements, her signature shoulder shrug and the use of the word 'Y'all'.

James Corden was so impressed by Oprah, he testes Reese' skills too. Source: CBS

The whole thing had James and his Late Late Show audience in stitches, before he asked Reese to return the favour.

"Give us your best Oprah," he said, suggesting her iconic 'you get a car' moment from 2004.

Reese looks on in awe as her friend Oprah delivers a historic speech at the Golden Globes. Source: Getty

The mum-of-three however chose to take on a serious Oprah, holding her hands together and talking about 'the meaning of life.'

It's all totally hilarious and completely cements their friendship as one of the best in showbiz.

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