Passenger uses plane air vent to dry her undies

Aletha Wilkinson

Passengers aboard a commercial airliner were stunned to see a woman whip out a pair of undies and hold them aloft under the personal air-conditioning vent.

Waving the lace-trimmed underpants above her head, the woman, who has not been identified, appeared to be blithely unconcerned by whether her fellow flyers would be offended by her bizarre behaviour.

The incident took place on a Ural Airlines flight from the resort city of Antalya, in southern Turkey, to Moscow, Russia.

An unnamed woman spent 20 minutes drying a pair of underpants using the air vent over her head. Source: screenshot

An onlooker with a smartphone shot footage of the surreal scene, as the woman spent at least 20 minutes waving her knickers around underneath the vent.

Her fellow passengers tried to pretend nothing unusual was happening. Source: Screenshot

Other passengers were reportedly too shocked to comment on the woman's unusual laundry technique.

"Everybody was looking with interest and confusion," an eyewitness said, "but everybody remained silent."

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