The best airports in the world according to pilots and flight attendants

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They’re the ones who see the ins and outs of every airport, so who better to ask than pilots and flight attendants when it comes to determining the world’s best place to take off?

A Reddit thread - asking which airports travel industry folk love and hate - has seen over 2000 comments in just two days, with certain airports already taking out the top spots.

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“Singapore Changi Airport wins everything hands-down,” wrote user Lampyris, who went on to list all the freebies available with movie theatres, internet, foot massages, a science museum and gardens - just to name a few.

Even the bathrooms stand out from the crowd, with mtlhav adding: “The bathrooms have full glass walls looking out on the tarmac as you stand at the urinal you can watch planes landing, it's pretty amazing.”

A firm favourite, Singapore has tons of airport freebies including several gardens. Photo: Getty images


According to frequent travellers, Zurich airport is almost as picturesque as the city itself.

“Their [airport terminal] trams mostly run in dark tunnels so as you go fast you can look out the windows and you see scenes from the Swiss alps on the walls. It's super fun!” writes BarringtonIl. “The airport itself feels like a museum. Very modern.”

Zurich beat out other international European hubs to be a pilot and flight attendant favourite. Photo: Getty images


Bustling Hong Kong airport is also a favourite for those in the travel industry, with its easy layout and quick transport into the city earning it points.

“It's probably second [to Singapore] in my book with a good layout, efficient immigration, nice transit options, places to rest,” writes boyerling3. “The only real knock in my book is that the only restaurant that's 24/7 is McD's but they have a Popeye's so that makes up for it.”

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“HK is the most efficient,” adds rprakash1782. “I land and I'm in the city center within one-and-a-half hours. It's the busiest airport in the world but so efficient.”

Despite being busy, industry folk rate HK airport. Photo: Getty images


It might not have Singapore’s freebies or be the prettiest place to land, but Atlanta airport in the US wins votes for its convenience.

“From an operational perspective Atlanta is genius,” writes HornetsnHomebrew. “The underground passageways connecting the seven terminals allow airplanes to taxi between northern and southern runways without wasting above ground space on walkways.

“ATL's layout of having all the concourses in a line with a single train connecting them all in genius,” says general_0408. “It's impossible to get lost, it reduces walking time to any gate, and most importantly, when they want to add another concourse, they just tack it onto the end of the line.”

Not only functional but fun, Atlanta airport is dotted with artworks. Photo: Instagram/aprilwayland

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