Office worker strips naked in front of colleagues

Aletha Wilkinson

Workers at a call centre were filmed clapping and cheering as one of their colleagues paraded through the office completely naked.

The bizarre stunt is believed to have been organised by the team's manager in a bid to boost morale.

Dressed in nothing but a pair of ankle boots and sunglasses, the woman strutted between a row of desks before flipping the bird at the camera.

She then put her clothes back on before returning to her desk.

The woman could be seen strutting between desks without a stitch on. Source: Screenshot

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The scene drew comparisons with the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, in which a boss encourages wild partying and nudity on company time.

A party scene from The Wolf of Wall Street. Source: Paramount Pictures

The woman was paid a bonus for her efforts, according to Metro UK.

Suit-clad colleagues applauded as the woman walked between desks. Source: Screenshots

However she went on to hand in her notice the following day, the outlet said.

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