Prince George inherits Diana's 'dreadful' Christmas habit

Bianca Soldani

He was never able to meet his late grandmother, Princess Diana, but it seems young Prince George has started picking up a ‘dreadful’ habit of hers.

By her own confession, Diana wasn’t very good at waiting until Christmas to open her presents and would rip open the wrapping paper weeks before the big day.

In a letter dating back to December 14, 1985, Diana thanked a friend for sending a Christmas gift that she immediately opened.

Prince George is taking after his grandmother. Photo: Getty

“I could not resist opening my present,” she wrote, “as a parcel of any shape or form has never been safe with me.”

“I fear that William has also picked up this dreadful habit from his mother as I find wrapping paper undone in the most extraordinary places!”

But Prince William isn’t the only royal to have followed in her footsteps, as four-year-old George is now doing exactly the same thing.

Diana used to love opening her presents ahead of time. Photo: Getty

The second-in-line to the throne gave an interview last year where he revealed that George had been caught “already opening his presents.”

We’ll have to see if Charlotte and the new bub end up carrying on the family tradition as well.

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