'Mine was better': Roseanne Barr on Fergie

Rebekah Scanlan

Roseanne Barr is the latest person to criticise Fergie's performance of the American national anthem, boldly saying her version of the jingle was 'better.'

The actress famously belted out the Star-Spangled Banner at a San Diego Padres back in 1990, but it wasn't well received and had long reined as the 'worst' performance of the song ever.

But when Fergie copped a bucket load of backlash for her unusual take on the anthem at the NBA's All-Star game yesterday, the Roseanne star came out and claimed her rendition eclipsed the former Black Eyed Peas singer's.

Fergie sang the National Anthem yesterday. AAP
Roseanne was heavily criticised herself for her attempt at the song back in 1990. Source: ESPN

Of course, we couldn't sit by and let Roseanne take on Fergie without checking it out for ourselves, so we've compared their on-stage feats for you above.

All we can say is, WOW.

Roseanne Vs Fergie. It is on. Source: ESPN

Fans also took to Twitter to mock the singer, who split with her hubby of eight years Josh Duhamel in September last year..

Some cruelly compared her to Dory from Finding Nemo when trying to speak whale, while others said she 'butchered' the song.

Fergie and Josh split last year but he's been spotted bringing her flowers in a bid to cheer her up. Source: Getty

But was it really the worst national anthem performance ever?

Other stars who have been slammed in the past for their take on the classic track include Christina Aguilera who sang at the Super Bowl in 2011 and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler who failed to wow onlookers at the Indianapolis 500 in 2000.

We guess only time will tell for Fergie.

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