Roxy Jacenko adds to her $1 million Birkin collection

Allison Yee

Most women can only dream about owning a Birkin bag, let alone an epic collection that’s reportedly worth one million dollars.

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PR guru Roxy Jacenko is living every handbag-lover’s fantasy, with her wardrobe said to be crammed with over 30 Hermès Birkin bags – with the mum-of-two adding a new member to the family this week.

Taking to Instagram as she was busted with the tell-tale orange shopping bag in her hands, Roxy admits it’s an expensive hobby of hers - but she can't help herself.

Roxy's collection is said to be 30 strong. Photo: Instagram
She's revealed her black crocodile bag is one of her favourites. Photo: Instagram
What we wouldn't give for just one Birkin... Photo: Instagram

“I collect the Hermes Birkin and Hermes Kelly bags,” she told the Daily Mail.

With bags costing up to $150,000 for rare Himalayan crocodile Birkins, Roxy’s isn’t shy about showing off her black, red, orange, green, blue, black crocodile skin and tan versions on social media.

Daily struggles: figuring out which colour Birkin bag to use today... Photo: Instagram
The PR maven has got everything from brights, to understated neutrals. Photo: Instagram

“Today is a good day!!! And the collection reaches new levels!!!!” she posted on Instagram last year.

The Sweaty Betty director is known for showing off her epic workout selfies - and eagle-eyed social media followers have noticed her preferred selfie spot seems to be where she stashes some of her collection.

Oh, hey there, epic Birkin bag collection. Photo: Instagram
SO. MANY. BIRKINS. Photo: Instagram
More jealous of Roxy's abs or her handbags? We can't decide. Photo: Instagram

It seems Roxy’s love for luxe goods has rubbed off on her young daughter, Pixie, as well.

The six-year-old has been seen toting Gucci and Fendi bags, with her mum even generously loaning her a few Birkins now and again.

That bag probably costs our entire yearly salary. Photo: Instagram

Jealous, us?

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