WATCH: Connie Johnson’s dying wish

Allison Yee

Samuel Johnson has revealed the dying wish of his late sister Connie, revealing he “buggered it up” by forgetting to pass a message on to one important person in her life.

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After appearing on The Project on Monday night, hours after he farewelled Connie at a funeral service in Canberra, the Aussie actor explained how he forgot something Connie made him promise to do.

“I buggered up one of Connie's dying wishes. I'm not mad at myself though, coz perfection is unattainable and there's like 1000 of her wishes that I got right, but I got a bit befuzzled during last night's The Project desk talky bit,” he posted in the 'Love Your Sister' Facebook page.

Connie can be seen smiling and cracking jokes in a video detailing her final wish. Photo: Facebook

‘“I literally forgot the ONE thing Connie sent me there to do on the day of her funeral.”

Sharing a beautiful message from Connie to The Project’s host Carrie Bickmore, Samuel explains how the "confronting" video was filmed on the last day his sister could talk - but that didn't stop her determination in getting her last words out.

Sam was a constant source of support to Connie in her battle against breast cancer. Source: Facebook

In the video, Connie can be heard thanking the TV host for her dedicated involvement in helping to fight cancer.

“I’m just leaving you a message to say thank you. 'Love Your Sister' started as a small grass roots organsation, and Love Your Sister has become what it is because of your support,” Connie says in the video.

Connie's video has already been nearly half a million times. Photo: Facebook
The video shows beautiful moments between Connie and Carrie during the cancer sufferer's battle. Photo: Facebook

“You supported us from the very beginning when there was very few people who backed us.

“You taking a gamble on us means that we have been able to build something really big and beautiful, and something a lot bigger than just a guy on a unicycle.

Carrie was dedicated to helping Connie's cause through years of support and campaigning. Photo: Facebook

“The importance of your work has been tantamount to finding a cure and we wouldn’t be here without you, so thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. With much love and with much meaning.”

Samuel appeared on The Project earlier this week, talking to Carrie about his beloved sister. Photo: Facebook

Samuel appeared on The Project on Monday night, unveiling his range of 'Connie's Cottonsocks' to help raise funds to beat cancer, following the death of his beloved sister on September 8 after her long battle with breast cancer.

"I’ve realised this isn’t the end, I’ve realised this is just the beginning,” he said. “I will accelerate the push for a cure… I’m not going to stop."

A public service will be held at St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne on September 23 to celebrate Connie’s life.

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