Sexpert: How to keep things alive in the bedroom

Kristine Tarbert

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, a sex expert has revealed some of her top tips for keeping things alive in the bedroom.

Whether you’ve only just started getting serious, or you’ve been with someone for the long time, it’s important to keep things interesting between the sheets.

If you’ve found things are starting to get a little old, Sexologist and coach Isiah McKimmie reveals to Be simple tricks to kick-start your sex life, or keep the fire burning.

Sexpert shares her tips to kick-start your sex life. Photo: Getty

Make time for sex 
“We have such busy lives, the reality is that if we don’t make time for intimacy with our partner, it doesn’t happen - or it only happens late at night when you’re both tired,” Isiah tells Be.

She says making time for sex ensures that it happens and allows you to relax and enjoy it more.

Take your time. 
When you then hop into bed together, Isiah says it’s important to take your time.

“Spending at least 20 minutes in foreplay can enhances enjoyment and increases your chance of having an orgasm. Relax and take your time so you can really enjoy yourselves,” she says.

She suggests using a blindfold to increase trust. Photo: Youtube

Introduce a blindfold
To spice things up a little Isiah suggests introducing light sex toys, like blindfolds or handcuffs.

“Taking away the sense of sight involves a lot of trust and can build intimacy. It can also enhance the other senses, such as touch,” she says.

Give positive feedback
“Telling your partner what you’re enjoying is a great way to increase turn on for both of you and can be a good way to start talking dirty.”

She suggests saying things like ‘I love the way you’re touching me right now, it feels so good’.

Isiah says sexting during the day can build anticipation. Photo: Getty

Sext each other during the day
Isiah says you can build great anticipation by sexting in the lead up.

“Research has shown that women who engage in sexting with their partner during the day are more likely to reach orgasm during sex in the evening,” she explains.

“It’s also a great way to bring a smile to your partner’s face.”

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