Travel guru reveals simple trick to score a seat upgrade

Allison Yee

She’s the Aussie living the life we want after winning a travel competition, and now Leanne Melody has spilled all her globetrotting secrets – including how to nab that all important seat upgrade.

Leanne, 23, describes herself as a “wanderlustin’ life enthusiast” on her Instagram page, something that was no doubt helped when she was landed the role as travel company Busabout’s ambassador.

Former make-up artist Leanna now describes herself as a

After embarking on a whirlwind Europe trip (and with the incredible Insta pics to prove it), Leanne knows how to travel.

From using packing cubes to store her essentials – lots of underwear, laundry soap bar and skipping rope for health and clothes drying purposes – Leanne’s biggest tip is how to make sure you’re not stuck in a dud seat.

“When choosing my seats for a long flight I try to avoid crying children who are usually allocated seats towards the front of the plane,” she told Escape.

While we all know that dressing well and being polite will increase your chances of that all-elusive upgrade, Leanne says there’s another way to score a seat with more space.

Leanna's travels have taken her to Turkey, Croatia, Morocco, the French Riviera and Cuba. Photo: Instagram
From planes, trains and car, Leanne knows how to make survive serious travel time. Photo: Instagram
The pro traveller is all about eating cheap and sightseeing for free. Photo: Instagram

“I always make sure I’m nice to the people at check-in. If I’m smiling enough I have a 95 per cent success rate of scoring a seat in exit row, the best seats for extra leg room!” she advised.

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