Spooky 'ghost' snapped near stage where actor died

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A theatre lover believes he caught the spirit of an actor just metres from the stage where he died of a heart attack 41 years ago.

Former 'sceptic' Graham Lay was watching Mamma Mia in front row stall seats at Sunderland Empire last month, when he spotted an eerie ‘erratic’ glowing white orb during the interval.

"I sat there and decided to take a picture as I'd never had seats right at the front before so hadn't been able to see into the orchestra pit,” said Graham.

A chance photo turned up a spooky image for Graham. Photo: Mercury Press

"As I was taking the picture I noticed these two balls of light flashing and moving really, really fast.

"It was really bizarre, I'm quite sceptical but the experience has changed my mind set.

"It was very weird as you couldn't see it with your naked eye, only through the camera, and they were moving in a way that wasn't natural – nothing like a moth or any sort of insect."

Graham insists the white orbs were moving quickly and erratically. Photo: Mercury Press

While Graham insists the experience wasn’t scary, the theatre has a macabre past – after actor Sid James suffered a heart attack on stage during the opening night of comedy The Mating Season in 1976, and died at the age of 63.

His spirit, along with the ghosts of two other women, are said to linger at the Edwardian theatre.

Actor Sid James tragically passed away in the theatre in 1976. Photo: Getty

"It definitely wasn't fluff or dust – there's no logical reason,” says Graham of the image he captured.

"I like the idea it's Sid James as he was such a lively character in the Carry On shows, it makes sense that he'd be like that from the other side especially showing up near the stage like that.

The spooky orbs have left Graham believing in the supernatural. Photo: Mercury Press

"It's made me more inclined to believe in spirits and the afterlife."

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