Beef jerky coffee is here

Sarah Carty

Just when we thought coffee mash-ups couldn’t get any more bizarre, Starbucks has created a beef jerky variety.

Starbucks are known for being very imaginative when it comes to their coffees – releasing a coffee-beer drink and a unicorn frappuccino.

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Most of the Starbucks experimenting goes down in the Seattle Reserve Roastery, where Starbucks make their caffeinated dreams happen.

Starbucks has released a new coffee called the Pepper Nitro with a Jerky Twist. Photo: Starbucks

And now they’ve revealed their latest invention called the Pepper Nitro with a Jerky Twist – which looks exactly like an iced coffee with a beef jerky stuck on top.

Baristas take Congo coffee, slow-steeped as cold brew and serve it on draft through a nitro tap.

It’s then infused with black pepper syrup and topped with a layer of honey cold foam and a sprinkle of pink peppercorn.

The pièce de résistance is the piece of grass-fed beef jerky on the top, which is served on a skewer.

Customers at the Seattle Reserve Roastery have been praising it on social media. Photo: Instagram
It features a bamboo skewer with a slice of grass-fed beef jerky on the top. Photo: Starbucks

“With the first sip, you get a hint of the honey cold foam and the aroma of the pink ground peppercorn,” Raegan Powell from Starbucks R&D team said in a statement.

“The real surprise is the salty savoriness of the jerky garnish, an exciting complement to the smooth and sweet finish of the nitro cold brew experience.”

If you’re looking to get your hands on one of these unusual drinks, you may be out of luck as it’s currently only available at the Seattle Reserve Roastery in the US.

Would you try it? Photo: Starbucks

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