Stop putting these foods in the fridge

Sarah Carty

If you're anything like us, the fridge is your go-to stop for chucking all your food that looks like it's about to go off.

From peaches that are getting that bit too squishy to the other half of an onion you used for a curry and the leftover bit of avocado left from breakfast, people tend to think it's safe to put them in the fridge and protect them from harmful bacteria.

However it turns out that when it comes to storing foods in the fridge, not all should be treated equally. Besides, it can end up looking like an overgrown jungle when everything is crammed in there.

Have you been storing these five items in the fridge? Photo: Getty Images

According to the Good Housekeeping Institute most fresh produce you purchase doesn't belong in there at all.

In fact, these items are best kept at room temperature:

1. Avocados

Store avocados in a brown paper bag. Photo: Getty Images

Putting avos in the fridge to stop them from browning isn’t as effective as you may think.

Instead, try popping them in a brown paper bag on the kitchen table, which should do the trick.

2. Tomatoes

Store tomatoes in a bowl under the window. Photo: Getty Images

Have you ever been to a restaurant and had some seriously juicy tomatoes? Well, it’s because they don’t store them in the fridge.

The professionals know to keep tomatoes at room temperature to allow their flavour to develop.

To keep them fresher for longer, try storing them in a bowl under the windowsill.

3. Melons

Keep melons in the pantry until ready to cut. Photo: Getty Images

Who can fit a melon in their fridge anyway?

Store it in a cool dark place like your pantry until you’re ready to cut it up.

Only then should you store it in the fridge if needs be.

4. Onions

Store onions in a cool dry place. Photo: Getty Images

The dreaded root veg we can’t help but cry over when cut is best stored in a dry, cool spot.

Keep them away from other perishable fruits and vegetables to avoid them from ripening.

5. Bread

Store bread in a bread bin. Photo: Getty Images

Think you’re slowing bread from getting stale by popping it in the fridge? Wrong!

The cool temperature actually makes it go stale quicker.

Pop it in a bread bin or bread bag.

6. Garlic

Here's why you shouldn't store garlic in the fridge. Photo: Getty

If you have a few pieces of garlic left over after cutting them up for your dinner, then try not to put them in the fridge as they will go mouldy.

Try storing them in a container in a dark, cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

7. Banana

Bananas should be stored at room temperature. Photo: Getty

Buying bananas can be a hard process. It's tough to know what colour to snap them up at. Should you get them when they're green or when they're just about to turn brown? The struggle is real.

Well if you put green bananas in the fridge, it will slow down the ripening process.

So if you're looking for bananas you can eat within the next week, you're better off leaving them out at room temperature.

8. Cucumber

Cucumbers can only survive in the fridge for a maximum of three days. Photo: Getty.

If you thought taking your cucumber from the shopping bag and popping it straight into the fridge was a good idea, then think again.

Apparently we should be storing the delicious salad vegetable at room temperature.

According to Post Harvest Technology, cucumbers can sustain up to three days in the fridge but after that they're susceptible to cold injury.

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