Stormy Daniels on 'generic' sex with Donald Trump

Sarah Carty

Stormy Daniels has revealed everything about her alleged tryst with Donald Trump in 2006, claiming the sex was ‘generic’.

In a transcript released by InTouch magazine from an interview conducted in 2011, Stormy claimed she was introduced to Trump at a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe.

Stormy claims the now President of the United States asked her up to his hotel room for dinner, where their alleged affair took place.

Stormy Daniels has revealed all about her alleged affair with Donald Trump. Photo: Getty Images
She claims they had sex at a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe in 2006. Photo: Getty Images

Speaking in the interview, Stormy went into detail about the night, saying it wasn’t anything to write home about.

“It was textbook generic,” she said.

“It wasn’t like, ‘Oh my God, I love you.’ He wasn’t like Fabio or anything. He wasn’t trying to have, like, porn sex.”

Stormy also spoke out in an interview with Anderson Coop. Photo: CBS/60 Minutes

When asked if Trump spoke during their time having sex together, Stormy said the President didn’t talk ‘freaky’.

“You know. It was one position, what you would expect someone his age to do. It wasn’t bad. Don’t get me wrong,” she said.

She also said she was ‘fascinated’ with the then 60-year-old presenter of Celebrity Apprentice and was 'definitely stimulated’ by the conversations they had.

The White House has repeatedly denied that any affair took place, saying "the President strongly, clearly and has consistently denied these underlying claims".

In a highly-anticipated interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes today, Stormy also spoke about Trump’s wife Melania, claiming Trump brushed her off when she asked about her and told her they were sleeping in separate rooms.

"He brushed it aside, said, 'Oh yeah, yeah, you know, don't worry about that. We don't even we have separate rooms and stuff'," she said during the interview.

When Anderson asked her if she was attracted to Trump - especially considering she was 27-years-old at the time, she said 'no'.

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