$16,000-a-year takeaway addict's incredible transformation

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A $16,000-a-year takeaway addict who got so big she wouldn’t let her boyfriend see her naked has shed 57kg to prove to doctors that she didn’t need a gastric band.

Katie Dolan ballooned to a whopping 146kg after turning to food because she was unhappy with her career at a supermarket.

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The 26-year-old, from Cornwall in the UK, turned to comfort food, bingeing on up to three takeaways a day – and almost 8,000 calories.

Katie Dolan was a size 24 at her heaviest and was addicted to takeaway food. Photo: Caters News

Katie, who was a size 24 at her biggest, let her bulging waistline get so out of hand that her doctor advised she undergo weight loss surgery as she was at risk of developing diabetes and heart problems.

"I was just getting bigger and bigger. My eating was completely out of control,” Katie said.

"I remember deciding I was going to lose weight for my sister's wedding but instead I went the other way and gained 3st. I had to have my bridesmaid dress specially made. It was humiliating.

"I had a really unhealthy relationship with food. I was so unhappy and stressed and food was the only thing that made me feel good."

Katie said she never let her boyfriend, Garr, see her naked and it “put a strain on their relationship”.

“When it came to being intimate the lights would have to be off and I would keep most my clothes on. It created a real barrier between us,” she said.

Katie went to the doctor and was shocked when he suggested she should get a gastric band.

“I was really shocked. I couldn't believe I was only 25 and I had let myself get so big I could need surgery,” she said.

She's now a size 12 after ditching the junk food. Photo: Caters News

Determined to prove she could lose weight on her own, Katie swapped scoffing on curries, chocolate and crisps for healthy home-cooked meals and exercise.

Instead of opting for weight loss surgery, Katie joined Slimming World in February 2016 and quickly got into the swing of eating healthy and exercising.

But one month and one stone into her weight loss journey, Katie was involved in a head-on crash on the way to the gym and had to be airlifted to hospital with a broken hip.

Despite undergoing two grueling operations and piling on the pounds as she was bedbound for six weeks, Katie came back fighting and went on to lose 9st 2lbs and drop six dress sizes in a year.

Katie was a size 24 at her heaviest and said the turning point was when this bridesmaid dress for her sister's wedding had to be made for her. Photo: Caters News

Katie's incredible transformation has given her the confidence to quit her job, flaunt her svelte new size-12 figure in glamorous selfies and reignite the flame with her boyfriend.

"Being so much happier has given me the confidence to quit my job and I'm going back to school. I even wore a bikini for the first time ever on holiday in Tenerife this year,” she said.

"I can't imagine eating like I used to now. My life is so much better. My anxiety is gone, I'm not self-conscious when I'm out, I can wear whatever I want to. I feel amazing.”

Katie’s diet before:
Breakfast: Double sausage and egg McMuffin (565 calories) with four hash browns (1,048 calories) and a sausage and cheese wrap (300 calories)
Snack: Dairylea Dunkers (122 calories) and sharing bad of Maltesers (294 calories)
Lunch: Ham and cheese sandwich (352 calories) and Monster Munch (109 calories)
Snack: A family bar of Galaxy chocolate (764 calories)
Dinner: A medium Domino's double decadence pepperoni pizza (2,416 calories)
Snack: Pint tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream (1,000 calories)
Drinks: A 1.75 litre bottle of Coca Cola (735 calories)

Total: 7,702 calories

Katie’s diet now:
Breakfast: Muller Light yoghurt (51 calories) with strawberries (27 calories) and an apple (95 calories)
Snack: A banana (121 calories)
Lunch: Slimming World recipe chilli con carne (330 calories) and steamed white rice (151 calories)
Snack: Muller Light yoghurt (51 calories)
Dinner: Grilled chicken breast (100 calories) with steamed cabbage (21 calories), steamed leeks (16 calories) and butternut squash oven chips (107 calories)
Snack: Apple (95 calories)
Drinks: Water (0 calories)

Total: 1,165 calories

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