Taylor drops behind-the-scenes footage from LWYMMD vid

Rebekah Scanlan

Since Taylor Swift released the video for her new single, Look What You Made Me Do, she's had tongues wagging.

In the visual spectacle, the singer pokes fun at her past reputations and also takes a few swipes at some of her infamous celebrity feuds.

Taylor Swift has revealed how THAT mountain scene was filmed in her new video. Source: Taylor Swift

Now the pop princess has treated fans to an incredible behind-the-scenes look at just how THAT Taylor mountain scene was filmed.

In case you've missed it (where have you been) Tay Tay comes face to face with her 'former selves' from her past videos and they end up clambering on top of one another in what results in a mountain of bodies. Or in this case, Taylor's.

Taylor can be seen among a sea of lookalikes. Source: Taylor Swift

The three-minute long bonus video reveals exactly how it was filmed, and it involved a whole lot of lookalikes.

"Seeing them all together is the weirdest feeling," our gal Taylor explains. "But it's awesome, it's exciting, it's like, 'Oh that's a phase I went through when I was 16, but the girl who's wearing it looks just like me.'"

She also describes meeting so many versions of herself as, "the trippiest thing I've ever seen in my life!"

The video gives a sneak peek at the creative masterminds behind the clever footage. Source: Taylor Swift

27-year-old Taylor has had a huge couple of months, after a HOW LONG break, which saw her disappear from social media, abstain from perfroming and win an assault case against a DJ that groped her backstage.

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The final result was this visual delight. Source: Taylor Swift

However, it seems fans can be sure that we'll be seeing more of our Swift, as the release date for her album Reputation nears.

We're sure the dedicated performer has a lot more in store for fans.

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