Did Sophie Monk fly to Thailand to escape Jarrod?

Olivia Morris

Sophie Monk has just touched down in Thailand.

But why? Perhaps she decided to seek refuge away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi in the hopes of avoiding Bachelorette spoilers?

The 37-year-old was previously rumoured to be jetting off to Mexico but it seems those plans have now changed after she posted a video of her arriving in the southeast Asian country on Instagram.

Sophie Monk has jetted off to Thailand. Perhaps to avoid Bachelorette spoilers? Source: Channel 10
The star seemed happy as she was greeted by her friend Oscar. Source: Instagram
How long is she staying? She seems to have a lot of luggage on her! Source: Instagram

Coincidentally current contestant Jarrod Woodgate was spotted recently with a pamphlet on a trip to Mexico.


Jarrod was reportedly spotted with a pamphlet about a trip to Mexico. She's not going to be there anymore mate! Source: Channel 10

Is that why Sophie’s plans changed last minute? Or was she just trying to trick us the whole time?

Fans have already labelled the former army man a 'stage 5 clinger', with man feeling his obsession with Sophie borders on stalker territory.

Not that the change in plans seemed to bother her, the star seemed more than excited with the change of plans and looked happy to have arrived in Thailand as her best friend Oscar Gordon waited to greet her at arrivals.

Reports emerged last week that Channel Ten executives were trying to find new ways to stop The Bachelorette finale being spoiled.

A Channel Ten representative told Confidential there has already been “ridiculous speculation” surrounding this season of the show.

Which one of these dashing men will win Sophie's heart? Source: Channel 10

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“There have already been a number of extraordinary, false and ridiculous articles printed about Sophie, the Bachelors and the final result,” the representative said in their statement to the publication.

They added: “Viewers do not want the show spoiled, and Network Ten will not comment on any stories printed in connection to the end result of the show.”

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