Matty J's ex-girlfriend revealed

Amy Stevenson

He's admitted to finding "The One" on The Bachelor, but there's one lady who used to have Matty J's full attention.

Before his little fragile heart was stamped on repeatedly by Georgia Love in last year's Bachelorette finale, the 30-year-old lived in London with PR professional Sara Bray, with keen fans from the The Bachelor And Bachelorette Spoiler Forums tracking the mystery lady down.

Matty and Sara in happier times. Source: Instagram

Photos dating as far back as 2012 show the couple enjoying time together with friends and frolicking on the beach, with Sara calling Matty "mine" as well as an "amazing human" in one of the loved-up snaps.

Matty opened up about the failed relationship this week, telling NW magazine he ended the UK romance because "the timing was not right".

"It's hard, because sometimes a relationship ends not because of a reason or something that's happened - say, you've cheated on each other or there's an actual event that's forced you to break up," he told the publication.

The former couple enjoy time with friends. Source: Instagram
The new Bachelor features on Sara's account. Source: Instagram

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The Bachelorette reject also opened up about his future plans adding: "Look, in 10 years, I would love to have a house in Bondi, a wife, two kids and still be madly in love. That would be the dream."

Despite both moving on with their lives, the former couple appear to be on good terms with Sara sharing a post last year supporting one of Matty in a charity activity.

Meanwhile we will finally get to see Matty's quest for love, with The Bachelor Australia starting on Wednesday July 26.

Matty recently said he broke up with Sara because the timing wasn't right. Source: Instagram
The two appear to be good pals still though. Source: Instagram

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