Is this the world's scariest motel?

Sarah Carty

If staying in an old motel on the side of a deserted road gives you the heebie jeebies, then look away now because this one is filled with clowns.

The Clown Motel is located in Tonopah, near Las Vegas, and is not only creepily full to the brim with clown trinkets but it’s also right beside a graveyard.

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And if you’re liking the sound of a motel which is possibly haunted by gold miners who all died of the plague in the early 1900s, then it could be yours because it’s up for sale for a cool $900,000.

Would you stay at this motel? Photo: Instagram
The Clown Hotel in Nevada has been around for 20 years. Photo: Instagram
Visitors come from all over the world to stay there. Photo: Instagram

Every room in the motel is clown-themed and the reception is filled with clown trinkets, clown paintings and lifelike mannequins, which may give you nightmares for the rest of your life.

Visitors have been flocking to the motel for the past 20 years to check out what the motel is really like and posting their spooky images and videos online for all to see.

The paranormal levels in the motel are said to be off the charts, according to a bunch of ghost hunters from the TV show Ghost Adventures, who scoped the place out for an episode.

The reception is full of clown trinkets and each room is clown-themed. Photo: Instagram
A cemetery, which is said to be haunted, is located right next door. Photo: Instagram
Ghost hunters have claimed the place is filled to the brim with paranormal activity. Photo: Instagram

However that hasn’t out people off staying there, possibly because it’s a bargain at $54-per-night for a room.

And if you love the idea of clowns hanging above the bed, in your wardrobe, on your nightstand and in your bathroom, then you can actually purchase the motel yourself.

Owner Bob Perchetti has decided after 20-years to put it up for sale, but there is a catch.

Bob says that anyone who buys the property must keep the clowns as it’s now seen as a historic site.

The motel is now up for sale for $900,000. Photo: Instagram
However there's a catch. The new owner must keep all the clowns. Photo: Instagram
Would you stay here? Photo: Instagram

"Oh, I'm going to miss the clowns. I'm going to come back. I'm going to come back and visit my clowns," Bob told

"It became a way of life with me.

"It's funny you get attached to something. I haven't gone so far as to start talking to them."

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