The heart-warming moment a deaf baby hears her mum's voice for the first time

Sarah Carty

This is the adorable moment a three-month-old deaf baby hears her mother's voice for the first time and breaks out into a huge smile.

Annabelle Lawrence, from Boise, Idaho, USA, was born deaf in both ears and until last Wednesday she had never heard anything in her short life before.

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However when her hearing aids were turned on last week, she turned her head to the sounds of her mother's voice and couldn't contain her excitement.

Adorable Annabelle looks around for the mother in the video. Credit: Caters

Her mum, Sarah Jo talks to Annabelle in the video, asking her if she can hear her.

Annabelle turns around and smiles at her mother, who also claps so her daughter will look for the noise.

The three-month-old smiles when she realises she can hear her mother's voice. Credit: Caters

The heart-wrenching moment is caught on video and we're pretty sure it's one Sarah Jo will want to watch over and over.

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