The online shopping hacks that could save you hundreds

Sarah Carty

If you’re a keen online shopper, you’ll know the stress of keeping your finances down is a constant struggle.

You might ‘add to cart’ all the time, but after taking a look at your bank account, you’ll soon realise that those items belong right back where you took them from.

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However, Apartment Therapy have quizzed fashion bloggers on how they manage to save hundreds from using these simple hacks online.

Bloggers have revealed their biggest shopping hacks. Photo: Getty Images

Ask for discounts

According to Brooke Ulrich from All Things Thrifty, you should always check out whether a store is giving out discount vouchers.

She said to check Twitter because sometimes companies have social media exclusive discounts which can be added at the checkout.

Shipping fees

If the cost of crazy international shipping fees puts you off, then Brooke has a way of beating that.

She told the publication she actually goes into the shop and shows them the online offer so they’ll give it to her there and then and save on shipping prices.

Lovely in La blogger Rachel Richardson also said she bulk buys when she does online shopping so she hits over a certain prince and usually gets shipping for a lower price or for free.

These tips could save you hundreds. Photo: Getty Images

Know when something’s on sale

We’ve all been there: You buy a dress for fill price and walk in the next day just to see the price slashed by fifty per cent.

According to blogger Candice Nikeia, you should wait for a holiday to come up, like end of year sales, to make your expensive purchases.

Other bloggers recommend becoming familiar with shop patterns and habits and you’ll soon know when they start their sales.

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