The 'haunting' reason the Queen won't abdicate

Sarah Carty

She’s been head of the British Monarchy for the past 65 years now and according to one royal source, there’s no chance the Queen is about to give that up anytime soon.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams said the 91-year-old Queen made a vow to serve her country and she is willing to honour that no matter what.

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However there’s also another ‘haunting’ reason why Queen Elizabeth refuses to give up her crown to her son, Prince Charles – and it’s got to do with her uncle.

According to a royal expert, the Queen will never abdicate. Photo: Getty Images
Prince Charles is next in line to take over from his mother. Photo: Getty Images

“I think it is important to emphasise that the Queen will never abdicate,” Mr. Fitzwilliams told the Express.

“The fact that the Prince of Wales is the longest serving in the role in history is not relevant, nor is the abdication of other European monarchs or the Pope.

“Her uncle abdicated and this, seen as a dereliction of duty, still haunts the royal family.”

The royal watcher is of course talking about Edward VIII who abdicated the throne so he could be with American socialite and divorcee Wallis Simpson.

Edward VIII abdicated so he could be with American socialite and divorcee Wallis Simpson. Photo: Getty Images
The Queen reportedly will not give up her crown to Prince Charles. Photo: Getty Images

Famously, The Queen’s father, King George V, was then forced to step up to the role of King before he passed away aged 56.

Elizabeth was just 21-years-old and since that day she has pledged to serve her country.

The news might come as a shock to Prince Charles and Camilla, who are said to have been expecting the abdication for some time now.

It was also reported that Camilla was in a feud with Kate Middleton, who was pushing for Prince William to be made King over his father.

It was also reported that Camilla and Kate are in a feud over who will become King next. Photo: Getty Images

“Camilla is livid that William could potentially take the throne – and she’s pointing the finger of blame firmly on poor Kate,” New Idea reports.

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