The trailer for The Blair Witch Project sequel will give you nightmares

Yasmin Vought

Surprise! The Blair Witch Project sequel that nobody asked for is here.

Lionsgate dropped a big reveal at San Diego Comic-Con, that their working title production The Woods was actually the belated second sequel to the 1999 budget horror flick The Blair Witch Project.

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Pretty sure that flashlight isn't going to help too much. Source: Lionsgate

Blair Witch, slated for release this September, follows college student James, who ventures into the woods in search of the long lost film students from the original film.

From the looks of the international trailer, this sequel won’t stray far from the original found-footage fright-fest fare.

The film doesn't look like it will stray far from the fake documentary style of the original. Source: Lionsgate

The sequel was kept so heavily under wraps that the cast didn’t even know they were starring in a Blair Witch film until the official release name was revealed.

“It was almost like a Star Wars-level secrecy process,” producer Keith Calder told USA Today.

Blair Witch hits Australian cinemas on September 15, 2016.

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