The two dishes you should never order at a restaurant

Allison Yee

Is there anything worse than going out for a nice dinner, only to be the only one at the table that puts in a dud order and has to suffer through a sad looking meal?

An expert has now made your food envy a thing of the past, by revealing the two dishes you need to steer clear of at restaurants.

Vegetarians can breathe a sigh of relief - Director of Culinary Research at the Institute of Culinary Education, James Briscione, explains there’s two meat items that restaurants notoriously neglect.

Avoid food envy by taking heed of these expert tips. Photo: Getty

If you’re the kind of person who loves ordering steak when you’re eating out, make sure you avoid ordering it ‘well done’.

Not only is this considered a serious food faux pas by chefs, it might also mean you get a lesser cut of meat.

"They typically reserve the least desirable cuts (thin, tougher pieces) to cook well done. In general, less attention is given to well-done orders," James tells Her.

Order well done steak at your own peril. Photo: Getty

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain agrees.

“What happens when the chef finds a tough, slightly skanky end-cut of sirloin that's been pushed repeatedly to the back of the pile? He can throw it out, but that's a total loss,” he writes in his book Kitchen Confidential.

“Or he can ‘save for well-done’: serve it to some rube who prefers his meat or fish incinerated into a flavourless, leathery hunk of carbon.”

For those who might be eyeing off the burger, think again, says James.

Sorry burger lovers, a nice restaurant isn't where you should be ordering them. Photo: Getty

While fancy burgers with all the frills might be the rage now, burgers are traditionally made by grinding up cheaper cuts of meat – and paying extra for premium doesn’t really make sense.

"Grinding up expensive meat just to make a burger is a waste," says James.

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