The Veronicas continue their fight against body shaming

Amy Stevenson

When Australian pop duo The Veronicas were accused of promoting negative body image last month, they took to social media to defend themselves.

Now twins Lisa and Jess Origliasso have spoken about how the consistent body shaming comments from online trolls have affected them.

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The Veronica have hit out against body shaming. Source: Instagram

“We’ve had it our whole careers… It never really upset us that much because we don’t consider it real,” Lisa recently told the Sun Herald.

The musical sisters even gave a length weekly shopping list to one troll who insisted the girls “eat some food” and offered to pay for their meal.

“The way that it gets to me is when they try to frame it as though we’re contributing or we’re the result of young women becoming anorexic… That hurts me because we take health so seriously,” Jess added.

The sisters have previously gone online to defend themselves. Source: Instagram

“We eat a lot of whole foods, we don’t buy into take-away any more. Health for us is something we’ve had to discover ourselves over the last six years and educate ourselves about.

“So don’t try to treat me like I’m the problem. I know that I’m not. I know that she is not. We’re very confident in ourselves and self education.”

Lisa and Jess now eat a largely plant-based diet. Source: Instagram

Despite now eating a majority plant-based diet, Lisa and Jess admitted they were once guilty of a less-than-healthy lifestyle and would regularly indulge in fast food.

Clearly confident in their own skin, The Veronicas posed completely naked and covered in sparkly body paint for the cover of their new single In My Blood.

In My Blood has spent two weeks at number one on the ARIA music charts.

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