The Walking Dead attraction at Universal Studios will give you nightmares

Carly Williams and AAP

A zombie apocalypse has broken out in Los Angeles.

The Universal Studios Hollywood theme park is gearing up to scare the knickers off people with their new and permanent Walking Dead attraction.

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The terrifying walk through-style offering opens July 4 and allows visitors to explore Harrison Memorial Hospital, Delarno Foods and other dilapidated, overrun locations made infamous by the TV show.

The Walking Dead attraction at Universal Studios hollywood opens July 4.

"I can't think of a better time to announce a zombie apocalypse," Tim Runco, senior vice president of entertainment at Universal Studios Hollywood, said.

"We're all infected."

The Walking Dead attraction.

Hordes of actors in zombie makeup and prosthetics hide in dark hallways and burning buildings before scaring visitors.

There are also animatronic walkers, blood spattered walls and floors, body bags and other blood-curdling scares - bringing the grim event to life indeed!

Would you tackle the walkers at Universal Studios on your next trip to Hollywood?