Things you didn’t know about orgasms

Kristine Tarbert

With so many myths and mysteries still surrounding the female orgasm, here are a couple of things you might not have known about the Big-O.

There are at least 12 different kinds of female orgasms
Sexologist and relationship expert Dr Carlen Costa says although many of us are still learning, debating, and practicing, around orgasms, what’s essential is understanding that we are all capable of experiencing orgasm in a variety of different ways. 

There are 12 different types of orgasm. Photo: Getty

Speaking with Yahoo beauty, Dr Costa says there are 12 different types of orgasm:
G-spot orgasm, breast/nipple orgasm, kissing/oral orgasm, anal orgasm, u-spot orgasm (the urethra is actually surrounded on three sides by the clitoris and when your U-spot is stimulated, the erectile tissue surrounding the opening engorges with blood and you to become aroused), A-spot orgasm (inner vaginal zone, also known as the anterior fornix), cervical orgasm (result of deep penetration) and clitoral orgasm.

Orgasms can keep you looking young. Photo: Getty

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Regular orgasms can help you look up to seven years younger
A study carried out by Dr David Weeks found that people who looked younger than their actual age claimed to have sex more than 50 per cent more often than those who looked their age or older. Dr Weeks says that the pleasure derived from sex is a ‘crucial factor’ in preserving youth. 

Orgasms get easier (and better) the older you get
According to research scientist, Debby Herbernick, 61% of women aged 18-24 experienced orgasms the last time they had sex, compared to 65 per cent of those in their thirties, and 70 per cent of women in their forties and fifties.

Don't worry it gets easier the older you get. Photo: Getty

Your pain threshold can more than double at the moment of climax
In two studies of 10 women, it was found that at the moment of orgasm, their pain thresholds increased by 74.6 per cent and 106.7 per cent respectively. It also acts as a natural form of pain relief. Hey, it’s more fun than taking ibuprofen.

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