Outrage over tradies filming couple having sex

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We are used to over sharing our lives with the world. Posting our locations, meals, mood and political rants on social media has become part of social normalcy.

But it has to be on our own terms.

The internet is not happy with a group of tradesmen who filmed a couple having sex in their own bedroom. Photo: Facebook

Enter a group of tradies who have outraged the Internet after filming a couple having sex in the privacy of their own high-rise apartment, and uploading the video to Facebook on Australia Day weekend.

The footage, filmed by multiple tradies from a nearby building, shows a couple being intimate in their bedroom.

The video has gone viral, but there were multiple workmen filming the couple. Photo: Facebook

The video was posted on Facebook by one of the tradesmen on Saturday and has had nearly 5,000 shares. But while some people had a giggle at the X-rated footage, most people were disgusted at the invasion of privacy.

“Have some respect and give them some f***ing privacy, not everything needs to be put on social media for the whole world to see. You should be ashamed of yourselves,” one person posted.

The couple pulled the blinds on their glass windows as soon as they noticed the unwanted audience. Photo: Facebook

“Ummmm.... normally if you film people having sex in the privacy of their own home through the window you’re a creepy pervert not someone who should be given positive media coverage,” sports journalist Mark Gottlieb Tweeted. "Isn’t being a peeping Tom a crime?"

The presumably mortified couple drew the dark blinds within seconds of realising they had an audience.

No word yet on if the couple know their private moments have gone viral on social media.

It's a slightly different story to a couple who decided to have sex in their seat on a flight from Manchester to Ibiza in June last year.

Video footage emerged in 2017 of the passionate pair getting intimate in the open, with not a care in the world as to who could see their lovemaking unfold. Photo: Snapchat

While the scenarios have been compared, this couple chose to do the deed in a public space, while the couple filmed by the tradies thought they were safe in their own bedroom.

We have reached out to Facebook for comment.

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